The company

"DEMS" was founded in 2003 and by today became a major supplier of electronic components in the Republic of Belarus. In a short term we built a network of loyal customers throughout the territoty of the country. These are the leading companies in engineering, energy, telecommunications, consumer electronics: Atlant, Minsk Automobile Plant, Minsk Tractor Works, Belkommunmash, Amkodor, Belarusian Steel Works, Minsk Motor Plant, Minsk Electrotechnical Plant, Gefest, Mogilevchimvolokno, Polotsk-Steklovolokno, Belarusian railway, the Metropolitan of Minsk, Minsk association of computer technology, Ekran and many others.

Marketing policy of the company is built on the principles of securing the most comprehensive needs of our customers. We guarantee the quality of the supplied products. "DEMS" is a partner of well-known producers of electronic components: EPCOS AG, NXP (Philips), STMicroelectronics, Vishay, EFEN, TELE-Haase, Secheron, Janitza, Viscom and several others. All the supplied components are provided with the international quality certificates.

The company provides integrated wholesale and retail supply of radio components for manufacturers of television, video and audio equipment, telecommunication systems, automotive electronics, and energy-efficient industrial equipment, special equipment.

The basic list of products supplied:

  • Automated condenser units for reactive power compensation and their accessories;
  • Instruments for measuring and monitoring electrical parameters;
  • Components for electric power distribution and protection of electric power;
  • Modular industrial control systems and components for them;
  • Switching and protective equipment for electrical circuits of the rolling stock;
  • Semiconductor devices, digital and analog circuits;
  • Capacitors, inductive ferrite components, ferrites;
  • Components for protecting electrical circuits, overvoltage:
  • Components of surface acoustic waves;
  • Components of electromagnetic compatibility;
  • Systems of quality control SMD-mounting.

"DEMS" provides technical and informational support to our customers. We deliver electronic and printed catalogues to our clients to inform about currently available and perspective products. All managers and employees have higher education in "Radio Engineering", "Radio-technical systems", "Automatic Control Systems". We aim to provide the clients with outstanding professional advice on any issue.


Our customers are